Wednesday, 31 January 2018

#BellLetsTalk: My Personal Struggle with Mental Health

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I honestly debated whether or not I was going to write a post. However, today is #BellLetsTalk day in Canada. Starting eight years ago, Bell’s Let’s Talk day helps create a new conversation about mental health.

The Canadian Mental Health Association’s statistics on mental health in Canada are:
·         1 in 5 people in Canada will personally experience a mental health problem or illness
·         By the age of 40, around 50% of the population will have or have had a mental illness
·         Anxiety disorders affect 5% of the household population, causing mild to severe impairment
·         Suicide accounts for 24% of all deaths among 15-24 year olds and 16% amount 25-44 year olds.
(statistics were found here)

Mental illness has always been a major factor in my life. When I was six years old, my grandpa went through a mental breakdown that caused him to be in a psychiatric hospital. Initially, he was diagnosed with late onset schizophrenia but his diagnosis was later changed to early onset Lewy Body dementia. From the time I was six until he passed away when I was seventeen, I spent my time visiting him in at Ontario Shores where he was in and out of the hospital due to the behaviours related to his dementia. He also went through electroconvulsive therapy weekly from 2000 until 2008, when he started having seizures as a side effect from the therapy. After the seizures started then with my grandma being diagnosed with cancer, he had to be placed in Ontario Shores, due to his uncontrollable behaviours, until his death.
Until I was thirteen or fourteen, I didn’t realize what Ontario Shores truly was. There were times that I hated going to see my grandpa there because as a teenager, I never understand why the people there acted the way that they did. My grandpa passed away in 2010, but mental health has always been so incredibly important to me since my teens because of him.

I was diagnosed with anxiety in my teen years, but never really felt a major impact until my twenties. In late 2013 and early 2014, I participated in multiple studies that showed a co-relation between congenital heart disease and anxiety. Studies came back and it proved that there is a strong prevalence of both. I have always struggled with the stress of not knowing my future, what my life expectancy will be, if I’ll be able to have a career until 65, if I’ll be able to carry kids and most importantly – if I’ll ever need a fifth open heart surgery. These studies honestly made my anxiety so much worse because they made me worry about things that I really shouldn’t have been worrying about; such as if I had a will or a power of attorney, just in case something happened to me with my heart.

Flash forward to 2017. I had a lot going on at the end of the year; my parents separated after 26 years of marriage, I constantly felt ill but my doctor’s weren’t listening and I was having difficulties with relationships in my life. Right before Christmas, I had a breakdown. I was on my lunch break at work, was on the phone with my best friend and suddenly started to have the worst anxiety attack of my life. I had to go home from work that day early. I ended up going to my friend’s house crying because I didn’t understand what was happening or why. I finally realized that it was because everything had just been piling up so much that I couldn’t handle it anymore. I hadn’t had a chance to even digest everything going on in my life.
When I got home that night, I sat in my bed and cried for hours. I don’t think I even got a wink of sleep that night. I was ready to go sign myself into a psychiatric unit because I just knew I couldn’t handle anything anymore and I started to feel as though I wanted to die. Even my cat meowing was enough to trigger me into an anxiety attack because everything was just bothering me. Nothing seemed to be okay. My mom talked me through all my issues, messaged my friends on Facebook to let them know what was going on, called my dad to let them know how I was feeling.
I finally saw my family doctor the week after Christmas and we had a really good talk about my mental health. I would be lying if I said I don’t have any triggers, if loud noises don’t bug me and if big crowds of people didn’t overwhelm me. Mostly though, I would have to say that I would be lying if I said I’m okay. However, if this has taught me anything, it’s that it’s okay not to be okay. It’s okay to ask for help. It’s okay to cry. If you have chemical imbalances, it’s not a big deal to take medication to help you.

For me, the biggest moment that everything set in was when I was driving home from my mom’s on Christmas day and 1-800-273-8255 came on. When Alessia Cara sings “it’s the first breath when your head’s been drowning under water” really resonates with me. For so long, it felt like I was treading on water, pretending it was all going to be okay. Then, mid-December, I felt myself start to feel as though I was drowning. It really is about that first breath when you start to get help and really realize that it’s going to be okay. I think that is the number one thing that people with anxiety, or any mental illness needs to realize.

The stigma behind mental illness has come miles since my grandpa was diagnosed with his in 1999. It still has a long way to come, though.  Since 2010, Bell Let’s Talk has raised $86,504,429.05. That’s amazing. Here are five ways to help people with mental illness. Today, let’s talk. As a society, we have come so far but we still have so much further to come. 

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Affordable Spring Clothes!

I’m currently curled up on my couch watching Friends. I spent the morning in urgent care. After a month of debilitating migraines, hearing and vision loss and so much more, I finally have a diagnosis. An inner ear infection and a fluid build up behind my ear canal. Time to take some antibiotics and rest up. I decided that since I’m lying on the couch until it goes away, I would write a blog post.

It’s freezing outside, however, I’m having daydreams about warmer weather. I can’t wait for farmer’s markets, fresh produce, walking Mater all the time and sitting on the deck reading with a cup of tea. Most of all, I love spring clothes. I thought today that I would share some adorable and affordable spring clothes because I’m seriously wanting the warmer weather more than anything else.

This sleeveless, ruffle dress is adorable! I’m currently having daydreams over it in both prints.

This dress is so cute. I love that it’s a bit longer and has ¾ sleeves. So perfect for work or running errands.

A dress that’s a longer length, t-shirt material and a fit and flare? Yes please! The olive floral would look so cute under a jean jacket.

How perfect would this bell sleeve sweater (in navy) be with these ankle pants in red delicious or brindle!?

This bell-sleeve t-shirt is such a beautiful colour for spring.

I have had my eye on this white floral blouse for a while.

This striped sweater is such a great spring closet staple!

How cute are these striped pixie pants from Old Navy? These would look so cute with a basic tee and a jean jacket or blazer!

Old Navy’s skinny everyday khaki’s used to be my go-to in navy and black. Now they have so many more colours. Although I love the classic navy with a cute blouse, I’m absolutely in love with the gray stone for spring.

This light wash denim jacket from American Eagle is to die for; plus, the light wash is perfect for spring.

If dark wash is more your thing, this denim jacket from Old Navy is great, too.

I would love a pair of these classic sneakers in every colour for the spring.

I also would love one of these crossbody bags in every colour.

I love this bucket bag for a bigger purse.

These Aerie sunglasses are adorable.  

Monday, 29 January 2018

links + loves

Honestly, I have said so many times the past few days “is this week ever going to end”? It did because it’s Monday AKA a new week. I’m so happy for that. On a more positive note, this links + loves is going to be huge because I am procrastinating and hiding my fur babies in my office.

P.S. has anyone else been having issues with their Spotify? My friend and I were talking about the other day and she said she was having the same issue as me. When it’s on, it’ll randomly shut off. Let me know if you’re in the same boat!

As per usual, as I write this article I have the same three songs on repeat – Mess is Mine, Sleep on the Floor and Georgia. They’re my three favourite songs and I always say that if I ever get married, one of them will be my first dance song.

I don’t really listen to country music much anymore. It may an unpopular opinion but it’s too pop for me these days. However, this will always a classic country song that I highly doubt I’ll ever get sick of.

Take It All Back is one sing I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of, either.

I am in love with this floral blouse in white from Old Navy. It would look so cute under a cardigan or jean jacket!

This boho midi dress makes me wish spring was here already.

I love the simplicity of this top in navy.

I’ve had my eye on this blouse from Nordstrom for a while.

This crewneck sweater is so cute.

The Village Tribe crossbody bag from Roots in grey is my new #1 item on my wish list.

These Sperry sneakers are perfect for spring!

First Aid Beauty’s Ultra Repair Intense Hydration Cream has been my favourite product for past three winters for tackling dry skin.

I think one of my favourite lines in Gilmore Girls is “what she tackles, she conquers”. This wall art with the saying is all kinds of wonderful.

An important article I think everyone needs to read, because it’s so relatable: I Am Slowly Learning How Much Strength It Takes to Cut Someone out of My Life.

I am a firm believer in knowing what’s going on in the world. When Jesse Williams gave that powerful speech at the BET Awards in 2017, I think everyone understood how passionate he is about Black Lives Matter. *spoiler alert* but Jesse’s character, Jackson Avery, on Grey’s Anatomy played a doctor who battles with cops about the bias of different races. I loved it because it seemed so raw. Watch it here

Saturday, 27 January 2018

Why Long-Term Care Homes and the Government Are Failing Our Seniors

I debated how I was going to write this post, but I decided to write in a blog post instead of on Facebook.

Yesterday, a friend of mine shared an article done by CBC’s Marketplace on long-term care homes in Ontario. At first I was surprised but then I watched the 22 minute long video that Marketplace released. You can watch it here.

This video is extremely eye opening for people who don’t understand long term care home’s staffing. In Ontario, the Early Childhood Educators Act has a staffing ratio for children to educators; yet, the Long Term Care Act does not. I had a conversation with a friend’s mom a few months about this very issue. As she is a retired ECE who was researching to put her mom in an LTC home, she was absolutely appalled when I told her this.

I’ve personally seen units working short staffed where there’s two PSWs for 39 residents. That’s not fair for the residents or the staff. In the video by Marketplace, they talk about the increase of resident to resident abuse and staff to resident abuse. If the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care created ratios, this would most likely significantly decrease the number of abuse complaints. In my personal experience, the majority of falls, resident to resident abuse and signs of neglect happen the most when the home is short staffed. 

In the video, the Health and Long-Term Care Minister mentions they are increasing 15 million hours for PSW staffing in long-term care to help decrease the problem. However, these homes are for profit and the amount that they are profiting instead of investing it into our seniors. For example, Chartwell’s revenue in 2016 was over 9.5 million dollars. With a $9.5 million profit, do we truly know what the companies are going to do with the increase in staffing?

In Ontario, there were 888 reports to the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care in 2011. In 2016, there were 2 198 reports. That is a major increase. In six years, we’ve gone from 4 reports a day to 9 a day.

Our seniors have been failed. We need to write to our MPPs and tell them that we are not content with the way our seniors are treated in Ontario. It is not the staff’s fault. They’re simply doing their jobs, but it is hard when they’re so understaffed. We need to advocate for our seniors.

Friday, 26 January 2018

My Current Home Décor Wish List

As I get older, the more I want stuff for my future home. I have it planned perfectly. Whites, greys and blues. With a bit of colour occasionally. I thought I would share the tons of items that I want for my future home!

I have wanted a Le Creuset teapot for years. This grand teapot is on sale, I’m especially loving the grey colour.

This bar cart is so cute!

This vintage style popcorn maker is honestly one of the cutest things I’ve seen in a long time.

I think this owl shaped Kate Spade vase is super cute. It would look so good with daisies in it.

This mason jar blender is amazing. Plus, it’s under $50.

This kitchen wall storage is perfect for tight spaces.

This Kate Spade shower curtain would make any bathroom look amazing.

Although probably not the most cat hair friendly, I have a slight obsession with these pillows in green and peach.

This blanket would be so cozy for cold days. The ivory is my personal favourite, however, I would likely get tea stains on it in a day.

My bulb died in my salt lamp and finding a light for it has been impossible – a bunch of stores with lights “guaranteed to work” and none have. I love this one for a replacement. 

Thursday, 25 January 2018

Gift Guide: Valentine's Gifts (for yourself!)

I’ve been sitting here all day trying to decide what I wanted to write about. I remembered that I had my heart set on a blog post on gifts to treat yo’ self if you’re single (or if you’re not) this Valentine’s Day. I’m writing in a links + loves format instead of paragraphs.

This bralette from Aerie is so cute and these matching panties make such a cute set!

This t shirt and these leggings are such a cute set for lounging around the house.

I am obsessed with this sleep cardigan from Gap. Plus, it’s on sale!

Although a little more pricey, this peplum sweatshirt is so cute!

I have fallen in love with chenille for comfort. How cute is this sweater?

These slippers by Toms are seriously so cute!

This Tarte eyeshadow palette is so beautiful and the pink hues are great for V day!

I’ve mentioned them before but the Sephora Collection #Lipstories lipsticks are great and under $10! The perfect, cost effective way to treat yourself.

This Tory Burch perfume set is another great way to treat yourself and it’s under $30.

A chai tea candle in a mason jar? Yes please! The coffee candle sounds amazing, too. 

Monday, 22 January 2018

Links + Loves

I’m sitting here on a Friday night pre-writing my blog post for Monday. What a wild life I live. In my defense though, it is my weekend to work and I would rather be curled up doing nothing than feeling like garbage tomorrow.

Since I am spending my Friday night writing this, I promise there’s lots of good links in this post!

This cover of Stay With Me by Sam Smith is amazing. I could listen to it all day, every day.

This is the one song I can listen to a million times and never get sick of.  

I will never get sick of this song, either.

I am absolutely obsessed with this song lately. It’s been on my playlist for weeks now and I can’t get enough of it.

Another song I can’t get enough of lately is this one.

I forgot how much I loved this song. Then it came on a hiking playlist the other day and I’m back in love.

This floral wireless speaker is super cute!

I pre-ordered Vance Joy’s new CD, Nation of Two. I just love him so much.

I read A Stranger in the House in a day and it’s still on my top five books I’ve ever read.

I want to watch IT but I desperately want someone to come watch it with me. I foresee myself watching Finding Dory on Netflix after watching it, like I did with Annabelle.

The Mindy Project has always been a show that I loved. I’m loving this Mindy Lahiri’s Words of Wisdom Calendar for 2018. Plus it has free shipping!

This card is perfect for anyone who lives in Toronto/Toronto area; “I’d get on the 401 at 5 pm for you”. There’s also a DVP version! I know I would die laughing if I got this card on Valentine’s Day.

This buttered chai hot chocolate also sounds amazing!

The dark chocolate mint Kind bars are my go-to snack these days.

Arbonne’s vanilla protein powder is hands down my favourite protein powder. It’s also vegan and gluten free. I’m dying to try the chai one.

I’m obsessed with this Nike baseball hat.

This Patagonia sweater has been on my wish list for years.

I may have already started my February wish list (because I loved doing January’s so much!). I added this sweater from Roots. It’s so nice, especially with the Olympics coming up!

In other news, I love this boyfriend sweater from Roots as well.

I’m loving these high-rise leggings from Gap. Plus, with the material I could wear them to work and they look like dress pants. What a win-win.

These Puma socks will always be my favourite socks.

After an incident a year ago, I have been wearing my glasses from high school. I have learned not to pick your dog up while wearing glasses. However, I’ve decided that it’s time that I desperately get a new pair. I’m torn between this pair and this pair.

I love the classic Ray Ban aviator sunglasses. They’re another item that I’ve had on my wish list for years.

14 year old me’s closet consisted of West 49, Billabong and Roxy hoodies and my Etnies or Vans. High school me is loving that some of these skateboarding trends are coming back in style. I’m especially loving Vans Old Skool sneakers. I want a black pair and a rose pair so badly.

I’m loving this mug from Anthropologie. It reminds me of a robin egg!

I don’t think my mom was overly thrilled when I called her to inform her… however, I picked out what I want for my 25th birthday! This bath tub. I’m obsessed.

Oliver and Moose have this cat house and love it so much!

I love my Impreza but I’m having daydreams about my next car – a Subaru WRX STI. Mind you, it won’t be for another five years or so.

If we’re friends on Facebook, you probably saw my posts about my migraines last week. 6 out of 7 days I had one with nausea, loss of hearing and vision, dizziness and more. I found Yoga with Adriene’s routine really helped me! Other than that, I was living off Advil and Gravol. I saw my neurologist who has a suggestion as to what he thinks is wrong, but I’m waiting until the test results come back before I post publicly the diagnosis.

Saturday, 20 January 2018

85 Gluten Free Vegan Recipes

Wow. I have yet to share a recipe roundup in 2018. I love recipe roundups.

My New Year’s resolution was to cut meat out of my diet. I’ve been gluten-free since 2011 as well. Today, I thought I would share 85 gluten-free and vegan recipes for you to try while it’s still cold out in 2018!


Sauces & Spreads

Soups, Stews & Chilis

Main Courses


Side Dishes



Friday, 19 January 2018

Must Have Resort Wear!

I have such a love/hate relationship with winter. I love how pretty snow is. I hate the cold. I love how cute resort wear is. I hate that I’m too broke to go on a holiday this winter.

However, I thought I would share some cute resort wear plus some travel essentials!

How cute is this bathing suit though?! I’ll be honest – I’m extremely self-conscious in a bathing suit. However with the high waisted bottoms and full coverage top, this is such a flattering cut. I love the dotted pastel print as well as the botanical red.

I honestly get so excited every February when Aerie releases their new bathing suit line. I am an absolute sucker for a classic black one piece. I’m especially loving this bathing suit because it has such a fun twist on a classic with the tie back design.

When I started writing my blog post, I kept telling myself “nothing over $100”. But, ugh! This bathing suit is so beautiful and it would last forever. It’s navy too, which I love because it isn’t as harsh as a black bathing suit which is sometimes nice.

Florals and stripes? Yes please. With a nautical vibe for the bathing suit? Yes please. This bathing suit is so adorable! I could live in it on a vacation and in the summer as well.

Old Navy’s plush knit line is one of my favourite. I’m always wanting a comfortable feel for a shirt and the plush knit is one I adore. I love the pink and olive!

These shorts are so cute! I love Old Navy’s denim shorts plus they’re 3 ½ inch length so they’re short but not too short. Plus they’re under $30!

Very similar to the shorts above, however, not cut off style!

Not sure if it’s just me or not but when I’m on holidays, I just want to be comfortable. These would be so cute for the plane and/or with a cute tank top and sandals!

Although it’s a little more than I would typically spend on a romper, this romper has made me have literal day dreams about it. It’s so cute and chic, it would definitely be a staple in my summer and vacation closet.

These bamboo cage bags are so cute for a resort! Imagine it with a cute romper or a maxi dress for an evening outfit or a cute bag to throw your sunscreen and sunnies in to take down to the beach!

I feel like you sometimes need a cute backpack for a vacation. Whether you use it as your carry on, take it to the beach or for an excursion. This Herschel bag is so cute and it comes in blue or pink!

To me, canvas totes are an everyday staple. I love them for work, so I can throw my lunch in them and whatever else I may need for the day. For a vacation, they’re great for taking stuff down to the beach with. This J. Crew bag is super cute, too!

Not a terrible idea to pack your jewelry separately so you don’t lose it in the bottom of your suitcase!

This passport holder is so cute, yet so simple. It holds your passport, your cell phone and any cards or cash you may need for your trip. This is great in lieu of a wallet.

Nothing sucks more than realizing you can’t pack your favourite products. However, this is a great idea to take your favourite products with you. It’s under $10 for a six pack!

I used to think people were full of sh*t when they said that UV was important. As I get older, I’m starting to firmly believe that they are correct. These sunglasses from Modcloth are a super cute dramatic cat eye that are cost efficient for UV protection.

Tarteguard is hands down my favourite sunscreen! It doesn’t leave your skin super oily and it doesn’t contain any animal products which is cool.

I feel like Old Navy classic flip flops are such a classic for everyone. Plus, they’re so inexpensive that it doesn’t super matter if you forget them. I could live in black ones in the summer. They’re just so perfect for casual outfits or wearing on the beach.

These sandals give me life. They’re so cute for so many different plans. They would look so cute with shorts and a tank, a dress and just about everything in between!

I feel like I don’t even need to explain myself with these. Birkenstocks are so ugly but so comfortable! I could live in them!

There are some people in my life that hate sandals and I think they’re insane *cough* Sam *cough*. Personally, my Toms are my favourite in the summer though when I’m not 100% sure if I want sandals or not. Therefore, I thought I would share these bad boys for a good pair of shoes on a resort. 

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Gift Guide: Galentine’s Day

Well it still may be 29 days away but it’s never too early to think about Valentine’s Day and the perfect gift! Today I’ve shared over 20 gift ideas for Galentine’s Day!

What’s Galentine’s Day you may ask? If you didn’t watch Parks and Rec, it is a legitimate question. It’s described by Leslie Knope as:
"Oh, it's only the best day of the year. Every February 13th, my lady friends and I leave our husbands and our boyfriends at home, and we just come and kick it, breakfast-style. Ladies celebrating ladies. It's like Lilith Fair, minus the angst. Plus frittatas."

In Parks and Rec, Leslie gave each of her best friends a 5 000 word essay as to why she loved them so much, a mosaic portrait of them and hand crocheted flower pens. If you’re not nearly as ambitious Leslie Knope, I’ve got some gift ideas that your BFF will love.

I seriously love the spoon trend! Plus to make it match the wonderful theme, Uteruses Before Duderuses is a fantastic Parks & Rec reference. They also have an Ovaries before Brovaries spoon!

How cute is this mug set? Especially if you’re Grey’s Anatomy fans (and let’s be real – which girl isn’t?). These mugs would also make some great Instagram photos to brag about how amazing your bed friend is!

I’m not going to give the same speech as I did with the Grey’s mugs, except change it to Friends, so read above post if you’re intrigued.

Shhh, coffee is everyone’s secret BFF. No? Oh, okay. Either way – this mug is adorable!
This tumbler is so cute! It fits 22 oz. of fluids and has an adorable saying – I don’t chase after men but if he’s got tattoos and a beard, I might power walk.

If you haven’t heard of well, you’re probably living under a rock to be honest. They’re a super cute water bottle company. This wine coloured water bottle is so cute and such a pretty colour! If this colour isn’t for you, the black onyx version is cute as well!

Talk about adorable! It includes some famous TV BFFS like Max & Caroline from 2 Broke Girls, Marissa & Summer from The OC and more. Plus, it has an emphasis on your BFF! It’s under $25 and so thoughtful.

I’ve mentioned this before and I’ll mention it again – I love the gift sets from Sephora. For $15, this is a wonderful set. It has lipstick and a highlighting moisturizer.

How cute is this? Plus it’s locally made (well… New Brunswick). It’s a set of three, with chocolate mint macaron, white chocolate truffle and hazelnut hot chocolate. How amazing do those sound? It’s also some really cute packaging!

This palette is so pretty! The mauve and warm brown colours both are Valentine’s Day colours. For only $35, it comes with six colours – matte and sparkling.

My favourite blogger mentioned these lipsticks in one of her posts and I’m in love. They’re only $10, too. There’s over 25 shades, I’m especially loving oui!, brunch date and deep water bay.
I love this set! Moonbeam and Sunbeam used to be my #1 makeup go-to. This set is so perfect. It’s also under $15!
The absolute worst (besides driving) to me in the winter is dry skin. This hand treatment is a wonderful idea for anyone who has dry skin. It’s also under $10!

Who needs a spa when you have this mask! Dr. Jart+ masks are so great, plus under $10. Great when you’re on a budget. I love the hydrogel mask as well as the charcoal mask.

Although one of the more expensive items on the list, I’m loving this self-care kit. It’s so cute and great for a friend who deserves to relax. It contains a ‘queen of masks’ sleep mask, a bath bomb and a candle.

I love this gift set, plus it’s under $15! It comes in lots of different scents including cedarwood vanilla,
orange ginger and eucalypts spearmint. If you have a gal pal that loves to relax, this is the gift for you!

I am all for comfortable, warm socks in the winter. These knee socks from Roots are so cute! Very similar to their camp socks, but they’re knee highs! Great for tall boots or for lounging around the house with leggings.

I am a firm believer in self-care. Self-care is something I believe we all need to indulge in. This book has over 200 ideas for self-care.

This book is such a good idea for your gal pal that loves the odd cocktail. It has over 100 recipes to try!

This agenda is so cute for your busy friend! Plus it’s 50% off right now.

This customized ring dish is so adorable. It’s shabby chic and under $30!
This speaker is so adorable, and it’s under $50. Such a great speaker and it comes in blue, grey and purple.

I love this matching pendant set! It comes with a cute quote on the packaging, too! The friend quote is “A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back when you have forgotten the words”. If that doesn’t scream summary of Leslie Knope’s essays to her friends then I don’t know what will!

Monday, 15 January 2018

Links + Loves

Links and loves is my favourite blog post of the week to be honest. I’m currently writing this post three days in advanced, so here’s to hoping I don’t find anything I love over the weekend. Oops.

This cauliflower and red pepper soup sounds delicious! It’s packed with chickpeas, turmeric, cayenne pepper and so much more!

This homemade chai latte mix is to die for! 

The Yoga Kitchen is a cookbook that focuses on the mindfulness of eating well. It has gluten-free and vegetarian meals to help your balance and mind.

How cute is this Friends colouring book?

I love Le Creuset. How cute is this teapot? I especially love it in cerise.

This sheet set from Urban Outfitters is so simple yet would be so comfortable to sleep on every night. I love the dark grey. Plus it’s on sale!

This simple crossbody bag from Madewell would make a great everyday small bag!

I have had my eyes on this Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica t-shirt for quite some time.

I’ve been listening to We’re Going Home by Vance Joy on repeat. 

Friday, 12 January 2018

The Cutest Homemade Home Décor Items

I hate crappy weather. I’m lying in bed with Mater and Oliver with me, listening to my favourite playlist. As I’m writing this, Georgia by Vance Joy is on and I think everyone who knows me knows that it’s one of my favourite songs; so, it’s okay. However, I’ve been battling a nasty migraine, sore back and creaky knees with this weather for the last two days.

Anyways… enough about me. I decided that I would share some cute homemade décor items from Etsy. I did a Christmas gift guide in December with a similar theme that went over well. Everything on this list is from Ontario, which is cool but some are vendors local to me! So be sure to check out where the shop is.

Okay as much as I love the but first coffee sign, we need to discuss how beautiful all the signs by Hanger Lane are. I’m also loving the Love You More sign, Let’s Cuddle sign and Gather sign.

I love this sign. It’s so cute for over a bed or couch. I may not have a man in my life, but my kitties keep my wild. That’s acceptable, no? The sign comes from Port Perry, which is cool because it’s 20 minutes away from me and I used to work in Port Perry. The Lemonade Stand also has this gorgeous This Is Us sign. P.S. if you’re local and able to pick it up – use the code LOCAL to waive shipping costs.

This isn’t the first time that I’ve mentioned Coast to Coaster coasters. It probably won’t be the last, either. I’m definitely loving how cute and simple these coasters are, though!

I’m loving the blanket ladder trend! They’re so simple to DIY but if you’re not feeling up to it – the rustic wood ladder is a great alternative!

I love these witty doormats! They’re cute and fun, without being too cute or fun. This comes from another local shop, Muck and Mayhem, in Oshawa. Plus Muck and Mayhem does custom doormat orders!

Okay so… although it’s not home décor, I just had to include this mug. It’s so cute and the cat mom in me is in love with it. I say that as Oliver swats my hair and Moose is trying to bite my foot. Oh well, I can pretend that being a cat mom is all sunshine and roses.

This is so cute, I would find reasons to have people over to eat cheese off this board! Plus it’s under $40 which is an amazing price. Great for housewarming and wedding gifts, too.

Monday, 8 January 2018

links + loves

I’m snowed in! Not really though… my dad came over and blew snow so I can get out of the driveway. Either way, I’m curled up in bed watching Friends with a cup of tea.

I’ve previously mentioned how I still no shame use Tumblr. I am obsessed wth chafea, I could spend hours looking at the pictures she reblogs.

This very veggie minestrone soup sounds perfect for this snowy day! Plus, it’s gluten free and vegan.

This cranberry clementine white sangria is perfect for the winter.

I love this rose Bluetooth speaker.

This snow sucks but this bathing suit has me daydreaming about a holiday somewhere tropical.

I used to hate chenille. However, I picked up these socks on Boxing Day. They’re so soft and warm. I’m loving this chenille sweater from Aerie. It would be so nice for lounging around the house.

Although it’s a little pricier, I’m obsessed with this thermal pullover. I would honestly wear it every day with jeans or leggings.

These wool socks would be so warm for cold days!

I’m loving the Anastasia Beverley Hills matte lipstick in rogue for an everyday subtle red look.

I love this coaster set. Plus they’re handmade in Ontario!

I love Fireworks by First Aid Kit. I could listen to it all day, every day. The instrumentals are so beautiful and the lyrics are wonderful.

One of my favourite playlists on Spotify is Acoustic Covers. I love acoustic music and sometimes, I like the lyrics of more mainstream songs without wanting to listen to the pop melodies in the background. I love Imagine Dragon’s cover of Blank Space/Stand By Me and X Ambassador’s cover of American Oxygen on the playlist. 

Saturday, 6 January 2018

10 Must-Try Dessert Recipes!

Growing up, dessert was always my favourite course! As I get older, they’re still my favourite. Especially a giant apple crisp in the fall with butterscotch ice cream. Yum! Today, I thought I would share 10 desserts that look particularly appealing. Plus all ten are gluten-free! Dessert and gluten-free food, sounds like a win-win to me!

Little Debbie’s Gluten Free Brownies (great copycat recipe!)