Friday, 19 April 2019

Warm Weather Outfit Inspo

Hey, good morning – happy Friday!
I can’t believe it’s Good Friday and that we’re almost into May! It’s finally starting to warm up here after what felt like the longest winter on record. Mind you, I feel like I say that every winter though. I thought I would share some cute little spring and summer inspiration.

If you’ve ever read my blog before, you likely know how much I love Transport bags from Madewell – this bag is so cute & the perfect bag for summer!

Other than the t-shirt, this outfit is the exact same pieces as the outfit from #2! It’s always kind of fun to me when you can make outfits much more versatile. For chillier days, these sneakers and this sweater would go super well with the jeans, tee and bag.

Last one I promise of the same jeans, sandals & bag set – I just wanted to highlight how versatile these three items are. Unless it’s deathly hot, I often rock jeans and a cami throughout the summer. This is definitely an outfit I could see myself wearing all summer long!

Some days I honestly think that it’s fun to wear a simple outfit – especially if it’s hot! I love chiffon camisoles, they’re one of my go-to things in my closet. They’re just so perfect for work, running errands or play! This one is under $20, too! To dress this up, you could totally throw this kimono on top or this bracelet.

I love t-shirt dresses because I honestly just feel like they’re so great for everything. You can dress them up or down, simple or all out. I chose this look today as it is totally something I would rock all summer long. I still have really strong feelings about how much I love this bag, too.
P.S. I love these shoes, but I also really enjoy these espadrilles with an outfit like this too.

I’m an apple shape and I find one pieces really unflattering on me. However, as a bigger girl, I look for stuff with coverage. I have become a huge fan of high waisted bathing suit bottoms and these bottoms have a slimming effect with the ruching!

Monday, 15 April 2019

links + loves

Hey, good morning – happy Monday!

If you don’t follow me on Instagram, this is what I got up to this weekend:

Well, what I got up to on Saturday. I painted my garage doors over the weekend in Behr’s Moonlit Beach. It was super on a whim but it makes the garage look so much better!

Yesterday was rainy and cold here. Huge difference from Saturday. I curled up on my couch and watched a few episodes I had saved on my PVR of 48 Hours. Which led me down a dark twisted path on researching a theory about one of the people on the show, Michael Ross Stahlman. If you google his name, there’s some crazy info on this man and his death. A lot was left out of the episode.

My favourite palette ever, Urban Decay’s Naked Smokey, was discounted what seems like forever ago and I have been savouring every last bit of my palette for as long as possible. I recently found a great dupe for it though and it’s under $30! I definitely will be ordering it.

I keep sharing earrings when I don’t have my ears pierced. Honestly, the more I look at ideas for posts, the more I kind of want to pierce my ears. I do really like these earrings, they’re the perfect every day earring. They’d make a great Mother’s Day gift, too!

I love Pink, I’ve loved her since I was eight years old singing Get the Party Started into my hairbrush. I’m loving her new single, Can We Pretend.

I loved reading this article, it’s so true – Modern Coming-of-Age Rituals. Definitely worth the read.

I loved sewing in fashion class in high school and I’ve considered taking it up again. This wrap skirt pattern seems so easy and there’s so many cute options for spring and summer.

Since the first time I heard Drunk Me by Mitchell Tenpenny, I’ve found his voice mesmerizing. He recently covered Just to See You Smile (originally by Tim McGraw) and I’m in love. I love the original and this version.

Thursday, 11 April 2019

The Super Affordable Fashion Site You MUST Check Out!

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Pictures I've Taken Lately

For many years, I loved my DSLR but had taken some time away from it. Recently, I fell back in love with it. Today I thought I would share some pictures off my camera; plus stories that go with some of the pictures!

With the exception of one photo, all of these pictures were taken in my backyard. You’ll see which one isn’t from my backyard as you scroll through!

I don’t really go into my backyard anymore without rubber boots. As the snow melts, it’s a mud pit everywhere! And when I say rubber boots, I don’t mean $160 Hunter boots… these bad boys were $10 boots from Walmart. I’m definitely all about practicality these days and living in my rain boots is definitely something I’m loving.

Last week, I showed some pictures of my house and my front lawn but nothing with my backyard. This is my backyard. The bridge needs a new piece of wood, but this is my little piece of paradise. You can kind of see it in the second picture but there’s a fire pit over on the island for summer fires. It’s so relaxing out here.

 In my backyard, my grandpa’s old tractor garage is there. My grandpa stored his tractor in it for years, which has since been removed and given a new home. We put in a woodstove since it has a little chimney in it and it’s the best place to hang out. I burn all my Amazon and shoe boxes back there. I could spend all my free time in here. 

Nothing too exciting – just some cedar in the garage!

 I was burning some boxes so I thought I’d snap a quick picture of the fire and the song I was listening to. I love Maren Morris, I really want to pick up her Girl vinyl record
p.s. she may be onto something… there is a song for everything!

 What would a pictures post be without a picture of one of my fur babies? Love this picture of Mater, we were outside playing fetch and I managed to get this snap of him quickly before he picked up his ball. 

… and you’ve come to my post that isn’t in my backyard. This is my weekend uniform – a striped t-shirt, jeans and running shoes. I’ve recently fallen in love with running shoes and these New Balance ones are great. I grabbed them off a clearance rack at Marshall’s for $38 and don’t regret my purchase at all. 

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Monday, 8 April 2019

links + loves

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Good morning!