Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Mater, round 2.

I posted pictures of my dog, Mater in the past. Mater is my fun loving, almost five year old border collie. We got him from a puppy, and he has become a member of our family ever since.
Recently, one afternoon, I got bored and took him into the backyard for some pictures. He never takes pictures for my parents, but he always poses for me (I always put a stick right above the camera lens then throw it once he takes the pictures).
I only got four good pictures of him, but I thought I'd share them today.  

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Girly Kitchen Gift Guide

Honestly, I’m finding that this year more than ever, I’m buying home gifts for my friends and family. I think it’s because I’ve reached a point where all of my friends are getting older and moving out. Sometimes, it’s great to spoil them with different items that they normally wouldn’t buy. Other times, it’s great to just purchase items that are essentials that they may not have thought of. Today, I thought I’d do a gift guide for some of girly, yet classic, kitchen gift ideas.

*all of these products are on sale for $40 & under right now!*
I love all of these products. They’re so simple, beautiful and chic for a kitchen! Plus, for under $40 – how can you go wrong?! Kate Spade’s products are always so great and these kitchen gifts would look great in any kitchen.

I personally don’t know anyone who isn’t a tea or coffee drinker. How beautiful is that blue Keurig and the pink French press? Plus, a kettle is a great gift because even if someone isn’t a tea drinker, they may enjoy a great cup of hot cocoa.

Honestly, if I could, half of my Christmas list this year would be aprons! I love kitchen linens, I think they’re so great and you can never have too many! I personally love the Kate Spade set, I love the whole ‘eat cake for breakfast’ slogan the company created. However, all of these products are absolutely stunning and would suit any girly girl!

I love barware! It’s suitable for any young adult (or simply, any adult). This bar tool set from Martha Stewart is absolutely stunning, and would look great in so many kitchens. The wine glass and coasters are so cute and simple, but fun. Personally, I would like any of these gifts – they’re all great.

Thursday, 24 November 2016

links + loves

Can you believe that Black Friday is tomorrow? I’ve already started some of my shopping from the pre-sales. I picked up this tank top in black from Old Navy, as well as this cardigan in marion berry last night. I love them so much and I’m already daydreaming of all the outfits that I can make up with these two.  Old Navy already has their 50% off sale, and it was great. I wish I had found even more that I loved. However, I do like what I left the store with!

Anyone who knows me is more likely aware that I am the definition of a crazy cat lady, plus a wine lover. I found cat wine! sells “Meowsling” and “Catbernet”. I can’t wait until I can have wine nights with Moose.

Speaking of my wine love, I found this adorable mini wine making kit. This is the cutest little gift idea, and it’s only $19.95! Plus, the kit makes five litres of wine. That’s four times as much as I buy in my $20 bottle of wine at the liquor store. It comes in merlot, cabernet sauvignon, chardonnay, pinot grigio and sauvignon blanc.

I recently came across I love it, even though I live in Canada. I absolutely fell in love with their article, Do Yourself a Favor and Stop Glorifying Negativity. I sometimes find myself wrapped up in the negativity our society has on social media, calling people inappropriate things, posting negative things. It’s time that we stop. We are grownups, we are future leaders. In our 20s, we should be past the negative things in our lives and focus on being adults.

Another article that I really love from is To The Woman With The Waiting Heart. Honestly, I find myself struggling sometimes when I see people happy in relationships and know that I don’t have that. I have learned that I need to stop settling, and I need to find someone who will accept my quirk and love me for me.
I’ve learned that I’m okay with being alone. I’m strong, independent and have a good head on my shoulders for 23. Sometimes I listen to my music a little too loud, sometimes I forget to put deodorant on in the mornings, sometimes I cry when I watch a sappy movie. But that’s okay. I know it’s all going to work out, even when I don’t think it will be.

Last but not least to finish this blog post, I’ve decided that I would share my current playlist. I often don’t share the music that I listen to, but I decided to switch it up a bit.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

12 Gifts Under $50 for Beauty Lovers

I’ve admitted it before, and I’ll admit it again: I am a recovering Sephora addict. I used to spend way too much money on NARS blushes, Smashbox highlighters, Too Faced lipsticks and so much more.

I will however, also admit that I have a strong love for the Sephora gift sets around Christmas time. They are usually released around October, which is great because I have time to scope out the greatest options for my friends and family. I love the cute little Too Faced sets for friends, and some more “grown up” gift options for people like my mom and sister.

I am also done my shopping this year, but I still have to purchase my sister’s gift. Honestly, I love my sister to death but she’s the hardest person on my list to shop for. I still to this day have no idea why. I’ve spent a lot of time on the Sephora website, and have decided what I’m getting her. It’s included in this post, but of course I’m not sharing the actual gift in case she reads this post!

$25 and Under

They’re Real! Sexy on the Run Mascara & Eyeliner Set: I love the They’re Real! Eyeliner. Honestly, I have friends who rave about the mascara, but it personally isn’t for me. However, for $25, this makes a super adorable stocking stuffer that I’d recommend for anyone.

Too Faced Better than Sex Ornament: Again, another adorable stocking stuffer! I love this mascara, it’s one of the only mascaras that I’ll actually spend money on. This little stocking stuffer is adorable and only $15, which is steal.

First Aid Beauty Deep Cleanse: Anyone who has read my blog, has likely come to terms that FAB is my go-to cleansing line. It is the one line of products that I will continue to purchase over and over again. I have previously mentioned how disappointed I was by the FAB charcoal products, but I do love their red clay products. This product uses red clay and rosemary leaf for natural oil control and leaves the skin more mattified. Sounds like a win-win for me, plus it’s only $15!

Philosophy Take a Deep Breath Ornament: Honestly, at 23, I’ve started to notice some lines around my eyes and mouth. Philosophy’s Take a Deep Breath products moisturize, smooth and soothes while improving visible signs of aging. I really love this, and I personally would love this as a stocking stuffer (hint, hint mom). For $20, you really can’t go wrong with this product.

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream: This couldn’t be a gift guide without the world’s best cream! I purchased the largest bottle of this cream (8 oz.) because I personally don’t like how the 12 oz. container is. That 8 oz. bottle has lasted me since May using at least once a day and it’s barely half gone. It’s definitely worth the price. It’s meant for all skin times, and is a long-term hydrating lotion that treats all different needs, such as dryness, itchy skin and eczema. I had heat rash in the summer, and honestly, it even treated the heat rash. It’s definitely worth the money, and is much higher quality than its drugstore comparisons (ie. Aveeno).
Pinch Provisions Minimergency Kit for Her: I fell in love with these kits a few years back when I saw them in line at Chapters. They’re a 17-piece set based on the needs of the average women. Some of the items include a safety pin, a tampon, double-sided tape and hairspray. The pouch (which is absolutely adorable, by the way!) fits in the palm of your hand, but has so much for women. It’s the perfect gift, and can just be thrown in a purse in case of emergencies. PS it’s only $22, and makes an excellent gift for friends.

$50 and Under

Origins Prep & Mask: I love the charcoal mask by Origins, it’s one of the best masks I have ever used in my life. If you’re like me, I like to try the masks in sample sizes before committing to a full sized mask. I really like this set because for $34, you get 30 mL (1 oz.) samples of the active charcoal mask, the intensive overnight mask, the retexturing mask with rose clay and the Maskimizer. This is a really great set for yourself, or for a friend who loves to relax with a face mask, pajamas and a glass of wine!

Too Faced Let it Go Highlight & Blush Kit: The Too Faced kits are what made me fall in love with Sephora gift sets many moons ago! This highlight and blush kit does not fail. For $32, you get a Flatbuki brush, a bronzer, a highlighting powder duo plus a blush. It’s definitely worth the money, and is something that most ladies would love.

Bite Beauty Discovery Set: I have never met a female who doesn’t like Bite Beauty’s lip products. I personally usually stick to sample sizes for lipsticks because I lose the tube before it’s gone. This set is only $47 and includes an agave lip mask, a primer, a lipstick and a lip crayon. This lipstick in this set, Beetroot, is absolutely stunning for winter. I would buy this set for myself I love it so much!

Josie Maran Warm Apple Cider Argan Oil Body Collection: A Josie Marin set… that smells like apple cider… that’s under $50? Honestly, I think I’m in heaven right now. This set includes body scrub and two oil body butters. This is a beautiful gift.
Side note: if you spend $25 at Sephora online right now and use the code “ARGAN”, you’ll receive 7 samples of Josie Maran’s whipped argan oil face butter. It’s definitely a great deal!

bareMinerals The Wish List Eyeshadow Palette: I figured that an eyeshadow palette should be included in this post somewhere, haha! I love this palette. I initially debated posting one of my trusty Naked palettes, but I really love the colours in this palette. With a mix of beautiful matte and shimmer colours that range from pink to browns, it’s definitely a stunning palette. It’s a great gift, which can create endless eye looks.

Philosophy Radiant Celebration: I love this set, it’s so cute plus super great for winter. It includes three different products, including Philosophy’s award winning Purity Made Simple. This set was designed to create nourished and radiant skin. This set is the perfect set for winter skin! 

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Black Friday Wishlist: Old Navy

I’m going Black Friday shopping on Friday! It’s my first time in years. The last time I went, Target was still open in Canada. I remember because I got a curling wand for $10 that’s lasted me three years now. I figured I’d make a list of things I want to buy for Black Friday – which will also double as a gift guide.

Today I’m doing Old Navy, but I’ll do a new one every day leading up to Black Friday.
(PS Old Navy is 40% off the entire store until Friday, and 50% off from Friday to Sunday online and in store)

I love all of these dresses. They’re so cute and chic. Plus, you can dress them up or down. They’d all look really nice with a pair of heels for a more formal event, but with booties, tights and a jean jacket to dress them down. I also personally really love the midi dress. I love shorter dresses, I always have and always will. Although, as I’m getting older, I’d rather have a longer, classic dress that I can throw on for more adult occasions; or for somewhere like a Christmas Eve church service.
(Also, all of these dresses come in several different colours. Therefore, making them a great option for little black dresses, too.)

I love all of these sweaters so much! Funny story: I’ve actually talked about the open front cardigan before, but in the pine needles. Then I was in Old Navy last weekend, and decided that the heather grey was much nicer in person. I chose the bright blue sweaters, because I personally don’t own enough bright colours in my closet. If I buy the blues, I thought they’d look so cute with jeans or black or grey dress pants. I also really like the v-neck pullover in Victorian Jade, and the crew-neck sweater in party-started pink. They all look super comfortable, too. Which is always a plus for me.

Old Navy shirts are my favourite for work. They’re not super expensive, so if they get stained, it isn’t the end of the world. I chose the relaxed shoulder shirt, because I already own the tulip-hem tunic almost identical to it. Which is super comfortable with leggings and over-the-knee boots for work. Also, I previously mentioned that I need more colours in my closet: this section is a great description as to why. I have two grey shirts. Grey and navy are my comfort colours. I also included this burgundy tank. I saw it in store about a month ago, and had fallen in love with it then. It would look great under a blazer or cardigan, or on its own for a girls night. So much versatility with it!

I love pajamas for a gift! I love the aesthetic of being in front of the fireplace with big cup of hot chocolate or tea (I love White Chocolate Peppermint Tea from Teavana) in my pajamas. I really love these slippers from Old Navy, too. I don’t think anyone can go wrong with pajamas, and I think this is the cutest PJ set. It makes me want to go to Starbucks and get an eggnog latte. 

Side note: I was going to include shoes and accessories; Old Navy has some beautiful jewelry in-store but does not sell it online. I find it really hard to find shoes to buy for others. Therefore, I didn’t include any footwear. However, for myself, I do really like these Chelsea boots.  

Honestly, I find it hard to shop for the men (and when I say men, I mean my dad) in my life. My dad does always like what we get him from Old Navy though. I always get him shirts, because I know what size he is and know that he likes top wise. I let my mom deal with the pants and shoes. I love these shirts, they’re simple but classic. My dad will be wearing these shirts for years to come

Another thing that I always get my dad are plaid shirts. There’s something about them that he really likes. Or at least acts like he likes. I really love all three of these tops.  

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Story Time: The Time I Dropped Out of College

Disclaimer: I did finish college with two diplomas. One in social service work and one in recreation and leisure services.

Terrible Blackberry picture of the first day of school, the year I quit school
When I was eighteen and graduated from high school, I had zero idea what I wanted to do with my life. I knew that I wanted to work with seniors, but I didn’t know what path I wanted to take. I was pressured by my guidance counsellor to apply for social service work, so I did. Honestly, I had the coolest guidance counsellor, but ultimately, I regret not following my initial plan sometimes. That was to go for pre-health sciences then bridge into nursing.

I hated social service work. I almost dropped out at least a dozen times. When it came time to getting an internship, I initially didn’t know where I wanted to go. My professors encouraged me to try something out of dementia care, because that’s where they thought I would comfortable. So I did the first month of my four month placement at the local Boys & Girls Club. I hated it. I cried on my way home almost every day. The only reason I survived my first month was because my friend, Heather, was also doing her placement there but in a different department. However, she was always sent to the area I worked in to use the computers. So it was kind of a win-win.
I did end up switching placements and going to an Adult Day Program. Which was a respite program for adults with disabilities and seniors with various needs. I loved it. I knew then though, that I wanted to go back for more post-secondary education, because my first diploma wasn’t going to get me where I wanted to be.

I applied, and was accepted to a post-graduate program in therapeutic recreation. I still to this day regret not going. After talking to my placement supervisor, she mentioned how good I was working with the adults with disabilities. Last minute, I switched my program choice to developmental services worker.

The first semester of the program wasn’t terrible, but it did feel like I was just doing a repeat of social service work. I didn’t love it. But I thought I’d stick it out. That semester, I was also in and out of Toronto General Hospital with my heart. As well, I had an unexpected skin infection so I had to miss a week of school during that. I still finished that semester making honour roll, so I figured that I’d be fine going forward.

The second semester, I had little to no motivation to even get out of bed to go to school. I honestly probably skipped about 75% of my classes that semester. Frankly because I didn’t care. That March, I ended up really sick. I missed two weeks of school. When I came back from school, I found that I had been doing projects wrong because I wasn’t there to get clarification and I just wasn’t getting it. I decided that I couldn’t do it anymore.

The day that I decided to give up on developmental services, I went to the program coordinator of the recreation & leisure services program at my school. He reiterated to me that I’d be an asset, especially because of my passion for seniors. He signed off that he would let me into his program, so I just had to fill out the internal application and send it into the college. I was approved. The next day, I dropped my course load down to 40%, keeping the courses that I knew that I’d pass and wouldn’t impact my GPA. I finished the semester, and never had to return to the program again.

Honestly, dropping my course load and switching programs was my saving grace. Not only did I not like the coursework in the program, but my classmates and professors made me feel almost unwelcome. In the program that I switched into, I received so much help from my professors and classmates. Even in the low points of the program, I knew that I would pass the courses and that I wasn’t alone.

The DSW program is a great program for people who are super interested in working with people with disabilities. Honestly, I’d love to work with adults with disabilities in a recreation setting in the future. The environment just wasn’t for me.

I’m so grateful that my parents respected my decision to switch programs, and supported me while throughout my college journey.

Friday, 18 November 2016

My New Favourite T-Shirt

I haven’t posted a picture of myself in months.
Honestly, I’m in a rut. I don’t like the way my body looks. I don’t like the way my hair looks like. I feel as though I can’t get my makeup to look how I want it to. I know I sound whiny, but it’s how I’ve felt lately.

The good news is, I found this shirt a few months ago at Old Navy. I am a sucker for stripes. I know that they’re supposed to make people look bigger. The good news is, this shirt doesn’t! I love it. Today I wore it to run errands with my favourite pair of jeans and over-the-knee boots. I’ve worn it to work on several occasions with navy or grey dress pants. The other day, I wore with a red cardigan, a statement necklace, grey dress pants and beige flats. So versatile, comfortable and cute.

In all honesty, I haven’t really been a fan of the trends this year. I don’t love the lace up tops, the chokers or dark colours. But I’m pleasantly alright with doing me and wearing what I like until there is a trend that I love.

Also, kind of off topic but I have a hair appointment on December 1st and I'm ready for a change. If anyone has any ideas, please feel free to pass them along!

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Being Related to a Craft Goddess

My mother is one of the most creative people I’ve ever met. She started painting old wooden windows probably about ten years ago when she saw one in a local shop being sold for over $150. Over the years, she has created many different things. Today, I thought I’d share some of her different things.


Wine Glasses

Wine Bottles

Lighted Canvases

It kind of sucks being related to someone who can create such beautiful objects when you can barely draw a stick figure! lol. Seriously though, I am so very proud of my mom for her skills. I wish I was creative as her.
If you're around the Durham region November 25-27th, my mom will be at Archibald's Orchards (6275 Liberty St. North, Bowmanville) selling her products for Christmas in Clarington.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Links + Loves (With Over 30 Holiday Gift Ideas!)

Can you believe that Christmas is only 39 days away? Luckily for me, I have finished most of my shopping. I just have something small for both parents and something for my sister left to get. I am a sucker for spoiling others, but to me, spending the holiday season with loved ones is the most important thing. The other day, I watched The Grinch and this quote stuck out to me, and still stands out to me.
“And the Grinch, with his Grinch-feet ice cold in the snow, and stood puzzling and puzzling, how could it be so? It came without ribbons. It came without tags. It came without packages, boxes or bags. And he puzzled and puzzled ‘till his puzzler was sore. Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn’t thought before. What if Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store. What if Christmas, perhaps means a little bit more.”

I could write a novel on things that I love, because I do love a lot. There are literally a novel on things that I love, and things that I would gift to others. So, here is part one of my novel.


There are about two hundred things on my list right now, but I’ll keep it sort and sweet. Since I own a ridiculous amount of clothing, I really don’t need any more.

When I was Christmas shopping the other day, I found a ton of stuff that I loved at Old Navy (for myself and others). I found this sleeveless blouse and I particularly love it in Marion Berry. I swore that they had it in black in store as well. I may go back and buy it in berry, because it would look so cute with jeans for a night out with my friends, or a pair of dress pants and a cardigan (or blazer) for work.

I tried on this flannel in Big Red the other day. I loved it, but unfortunately, since I’m busty it fit terribly. I personally would recommend it to anyone who isn’t super busy. It is super comfortable and cute, just not for me.

I am an absolute sucker for dresses, there’s just something about them that I love. I really love this dress for daytime from Anthropologie. Another dress that I’m really loving is this one. I would wear it out for NYE.

On my ultimate Canadian gift guide, I talked about how much I used to despise mittens. If these Kate Spade mittens were sold about seven years ago, I probably would have worn them. Same with these ones from Old Navy.

Lastly, I am loving this poncho from Gap. I love the Gap, but quite often, I struggle finding items that are good quality, fit right and are within my price range. I bought my niece’s birthday present from the Gap the other day. I wish that I had have seen this poncho for myself while I was shopping. It may have come with me!


I have such a wide interest in music. I think it’s because I grew up around different genres.

I’m honestly not one who can sit down and listen to a full CD. However, I do really enjoy Sia’s album, This is Acting, especially the deluxe edition. As well, I’m loving Oh My My from OneRepublic. Before these two albums, I don’t think I’ve sat down and listened to a full CD since Adele’s 25.

I always talk about my love for Pentatonix’s Christmas album, but surprise! There’s more that I love. I am a Christmas fiend, so I have a ton of Christmas albums that I love, as well as random songs and singles that I listen to. I have always loved Taylor Swift’s Christmas album, Justin Bieber’s and Michael Buble’s. My all-time favourite Christmas songs are Mary’s Boy Child by Boney M. and Where Are You Christmas by Faith Hill.


I am probably one of the most picky movie watchers. I no shame am an absolute sucker for romantic comedies, but give me anything else, I’ll probably hate it.

Recently, I have been in love with Me Before You. It was originally a book by Jojo Moyes, who has since written a sequel. The movie is about Louisa, a woman in her mid-20s looking for a new job. She ends up working as caregiver for Will, a man who was paralyzed after a motorcycle after. Even though Louisa has a long-standing relationship with a gentleman named Patrick, Louisa and Will eventually fall in love.

Another movie that I recently fell in love with is Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. I am a Tina Fey lover, as with most lady comedians. This movie wasn’t funny, which I loved. It showed Fey’s more serious side. Plus, it was based on a true story about a journalist who goes to Afghanistan. It did receive some negative feedback, but for the most part, it was a great movie.

The third movie that I want to talk about is How to Be Single. I was actually in a relationship when this movie came out, and kind of just rolled my eyes. I recently watched it, now that I’ve been single for a bit, and it really resonated with me. One scene that really stuck out to me was when Dakota Johnson’s character, Alice, makes a comment about dying alone with cats. I always make that joke, and I feel as though I’m identified for that joke. I actually had a reoccurring dream over two nights recently, where my dad paid off poor men to marry me just so I didn’t have to die alone with cats.

Two movies that I was horribly disappointed in were Sausage Party and Neighbours 2. I loved the first Neighbours movie, but realistically… Zac Efron and Dave Franco. What could go wrong there? I’m not sure if I’m growing up and my comedy is *gasp* maturing. However, I was extremely disappointed in both of these movies.


I honestly don’t make time to read as much as I really should. I don’t know why I don’t, I really should start. Anyone who knows me (or has read a blog post about me), would know that my favourite books at Mindy Kaling’s comedic autobiography, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me (and other concerns) and her sequel, Why Not Me. I have created a list of the five books that I really think I should sit down and read:
I’m writing this article with a cold, and I may have accidentally wrote “Talking as Fast as I can by Lauren Grandma.” Cool, Felicity.
Anyways, Lauren Graham wrote this collection of personal essays about love, life and working in Hollywood. Plus, it includes behind-the-scenes stories about my beloved Gilmore Girls. It technically isn’t released yet, but it would be a great gift for any Gilmore Girls lover in your life!

I’m not a big fan of fiction books, I’ll be honest. However, I do love Jodi Picoult books. She’s written one of my all-time favourite books. A few, actually. I find that Mrs. Picoult always picks the best times to release books with controversial themes. Small Great Things is about white supremacists who don’t want a black nurse, Ruth, to touch their baby. Their baby ends up dying due to their request, since Ruth couldn’t do CPR. This is a really important topic since Trump took into office. Although he doesn’t outright show a white supremacist persona, he doesn’t penalize groups such as the KKK.

Being the “bigger girl”, I’ve been there. This novel is written to be a funny book, but is about a bigger girl who turns to online dating. She becomes afraid to share photos, even when her friends did her hair and makeup. So she turns to losing weight. In the synopsis, it says “no matter how much she loses, will she ever see herself as anything other than a fat girl?”
This seems like the type of book that I want to read.

It was the short synopsis on Amazon that got this book on my list:
“Instant National Bestseller. A thrilling novel of the senses and a coming-of-age tale, following a small town girl into the electrifying world of New York City and the education of a lifetime at one of the most exclusive restaurants in Manhattan.”
The ratings aren’t the best for this book on Amazon, however, I’m a weird sucker for terrible movie and books (in others’ eyes).

Honestly, when I’ve had a bad day at work, my favourite thing to do is have some comedy in my life. Amy Schumer is one of my favourite people to get that comedy from. I have had my eye on this book for months, but still have yet to pick it up. I’m unsure what is stopping me.


Last but not least, I decided to include some home related items. I included some in my post, My Grown-Up Christmas List last week. However, I thought it would be fun to include some more, because I think I’ve officially reached an age where most of my friends have moved out.

I love getting wine glasses for my friends, especially ones with cute little sayings! I love this glass from Urban Outfitters. It’s different, but cute. Plus it’s under $25! I really love this wine glass set, as well. It’s also from Urban Outfitters and is less than $20.

After a night of drinking wine, you may desperately need a cup of coffee. These mugs from Anthropologie are absolutely adorable. As are these mugs from Urban Outfitters.

A weird, random but totally adorable gift is this pizza fund jar from American Eagle. It kind of reminds me of Schmidt’s Douchebag Jar on New Girl. If you want to have an actual Douchebag Jar, here’s an adorable piece of wall art!

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

My Five Favourite Gilmore Girls Products

Hold up, Black Friday! The best part of the US Thanksgiving 2016 (for a Canadian) is no longer Black Friday. It’s Gilmore Girls: A Day in the Life.
I have an unpopular opinion: I think Jess is terrible for Rory. Yes, he may have similarities to Rory, but I overall think he’s a bad influence for her. Instead, I am 100% #teamlogan. I think he’s grown up a lot throughout the show, and much better suits Rory. It’s about balance and being on the same level as your partner, which I think Logan is.

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Alysse and Andy in the past on a blog giveaway. Even though I don’t know them that well, they are two of the kindest people I have ever met. They made me feel like it was their pleasure to work with me throughout the process. I even follow them both on Instagram!
The Rory Reading List poster is beautiful, high quality and hand crafted. I would definitely pay a lot more than $25 for it. I would recommend their poster and working with Alysse and Andy anytime!

I love this little list, it’s so cute! EK Lettering has some really cute stuff, including a Luke’s coffee sleeve! I personally love the movie rules printable, I would definitely frame it and hang it in my future apartment’s living room.

This is how I picture drinking with this mug: sitting in front of the fireplace drinking the biggest cup of coffee watching the revival. I would rather be in Stars Hollow. I have been to Unionville, which is where part of the first season was filmed. However, I personally think that I’d prefer Stars Hollow.

This reminds me of something that I would use in my Scentsy to make me feel as though I was Lorelai Gilmore. Since I have Celiac disease, I can’t enjoy pancakes or strawberry pop tarts, so this would do one of three things:
1. Make me so nauseous that I throw it out because I hate smell so much.
2. Make me crave them.
Or most likely…
3. Give me a friendly reminder that Lorelai and Rory Gilmore are relatable TV characters in some aspects that enjoy the same food as most people.

Honestly, I just spend 45 minutes looking for the perfect Gilmore Girls shirt to put on this list. I came across SthrnSweetheartGifts. The owner has a few GG shirts, including an In Omnia Paratus one and an Honorary Gilmore Girl one. The shirts are cute, and I would wear them with a pair of jeans and a flannel year round.

What do you hope happens on the revival? I guess we’ll have all our answers on November 25th

Monday, 14 November 2016

The Ultimate Canadian Gift Guide

I woke up this morning with some nippy weather, and thought to myself “man, I should make a gift guide for us chilly Canadians”… and here you have it!
Living in Canada means chilly winters, lots of snowmen and lots of outdoor sports. With all of these, you really need to have a good winter coat and accessories. 
I know that I had said on Saturday that I wasn't going to create a Christmas gift guide, but I decided that I would do a cold weather one, as well as a children's one. You can expect the children's one sometime in the near future!

I have a mild obsession with parkas. Most years, I ask for one for Christmas. I think they’re such a timeless gift, and they’re so needed in Canada. Personally, I don’t like pea coats. Yes, they’re much more dressy; however, when it’s 8 AM and I’m determined to get the 10 centimetres off the roof of my car, they’re not that great. Especially when you get snow between the buttons of your coat. 

 In previous winters, I have been stubborn and spent small amounts of money on winter boots. I also have worn the UGG classic boots. In my experiences, it's definitely worth the money to invest in a good pair of winter boots.

 I love scarves. I am a strange human being that wears scarves when it’s so hot the rest of the human population is sweating to death. I personally have become obsessed with blanket scarves over the years, they’re so warm! However, I really love this Kate Spade scarf. It’s simple and unique. I would definitely buy it for myself!

I remember in high school, I hated mittens. I’m unsure if I just couldn’t find a pair that I loved or if I was determined to have really cold hands. Either way, they sure didn’t have these mittens when I was in high school! I love them, they’re so cute.

I have a genuine love/hate relationship with hats. I love the style of them, but they genuinely look terribly on me. I usually stick with headbands, hence why I included it as the third option. My favourite is the BP Knit Beanie. If I could rock a hat, I would wear it every day this winter.

 Since I can remember, my parents have given me a cute pair of pajamas on Christmas morning. PJs are such simple, but thoughtful gifts. I love these pajamas, because they're so versatile for December-March. I would love any of these pairs. 

 To me, winter is endless amounts of warm, cozy cardigans. These cardigans are so cute to wear over a pair of pajamas or leggings and a t-shirt in front of the fire. You could even throw in a glass of wine or warm cider!

There we have it! What is your favourite item on the list?