Tuesday, 27 February 2018

My Current Playlist

I went to Old Navy yesterday to do a try-on haul. Unfortunately, the pictures came back blurry and I’m not entirely sure why. Either way, I’m going back on my way to work because I just couldn’t post the pictures that I had taken. Therefore, I decided that today I would share my playlist for February and March. I quite often listen to this playlist when I’m driving, writing blog posts and just relaxing around my house. There’s old and new on it!

What’s on your current playlist? Let me know in the comments below!

Monday, 26 February 2018

links + loves

The little fur babies behind the name of my blog, actually getting along for once. 

I have some really bad writer’s block lately. I have no idea what to write about these days. I’ve sat down three or four times the past few days and my mind has drawn completely blank. I’ve started writing a cute wall art post, an affordable workwear post, my favourite teas, my current playlist, etc. then stopped. If anyone has any blog post suggestions, let me know in the comments below!

I’ve been struggling with my body image lately. I’ve put some weight on; changed my diet and got back into exercising regularly, but I feel like I’m just getting bigger. My clothes aren’t fitting properly and it’s getting continuously frustrating every day. I’m debating going to buy some new clothes for now, maybe I’ll do some dressing room try-on posts while I’m trying stuff on for some feedback! 
(see one of my favourite bloggers, Gentry’s, dressing room diaries here)

I want everything from Roolee this spring! It’s all so cute plus has those amazing minimalistic vibes that I’ve been loving lately.

I made these keto lemon fat bombs last week and they were to die for! It tasted like a lemon cheesecake without the crust.

This article is just one of many that made me stop eating meat.

I’ve started running again and have been following this plan. My goal is to run the Toronto Marathon on my 10th anniversary of my last open heart surgery. Whether or not I get there will be interesting.

I love this DIY tassel blanket, which comes from one of my favourite Ikea blankets.

SOS, SOS! Vance Joy’s new CD finally came out. I have been listening to every new single released a million times. It’s been such a tease since July. My favourite song from the entire album was released two weeks before the album was released, Call Me If You Need Me. I also love Alone With Me and One of These Days.

Also, one of my all-time favourite covers is Vance’s cover of Taylor Swift’s I Know Places.

My all-time favourite sports bra! It goes by cup sizes, which is so handy because it’s more accurate.

I’m on the fence whether or not I want to try this Sephora Collection blush palette. The colours are so pretty for spring.

I’m also dying to try the NARS liquid blush. The regular ol’ blush has been my go-to for years, in the colours orgasm & torrid. The liquid blush just leaves such a gorgeous dewy colour.  

I was going to hold off and share it on Thursday on my March wish list (which is giant and filled with the cutest spring clothes), but this lace tank from Anthropologie is so beautiful. The white would look so good under a jean jacket with a pair of black ankle pants!

This blue gingham dress also is giving me some serious spring vibes!

My spring and fall go-to is a good jean jacket. Even though, I’m wearing one when it’s above 0 celsius. It’s just my thing. I love the wash of this one from Gap!

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Pinterest Picks: Spring 2018

I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m so over winter. It’s so dreary and cold. Wednesday afternoon was such a delightful surprise and now we’re back to the cold! I was going to take Mater for a run in the warm weather but he decided to disappear for an hour and go on an adventure on his own. Eventually he came home after me screaming in my backyard for an hour. He came back soaking wet but extremely happy.

A few weeks ago I became obsessed with Living Life with Sarah Lillian’s Pinterest post. I thought that I would do my own and share some spring fashion inspiration. There’s just so many things that I want right now for spring! I’ll do a more in detail list of things on my wish list. March 1st is coming up and I always try to post my monthly wish list on the first or second of every month! In other news, I’m still weirdly in love with the Adidas running shoes I shared a few weeks ago. They may make the March wish list post.

P.S. I know I normally do a round-up of blog posts I’m loving on Thursday but I thought I would switch it up a bit this week. I mean, I’m technically sharing things I’m loving from blogs just in a different format. 

As per usual, the boring disclaimer before I get started:
None of these pictures are my own. They were all found on Pinterest. I did, however, edit them into collages for sharing purposes. Please look the photos up on Pinterest for their original owners.

For more fashion posts, you can check out my Pinterest here!

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Cutest Home Decor Under $50!

I was going to make this post like a collage, however, Photoshop was driving me nuts. Therefore, I wrote it in round up style!

There’s so many cute things on the internet for home décor ideas. I cannot wait for the day that I can spend thousands of dollars decorating my dream home. For now, I’ll share some inexpensive options that I would love for my current living situation.

I love cute wall art with song lyrics. One of my favourite bands is The Lumineers. I’m loving these lyrics posters from the song Ho Hey. They remind me of the Be Still, My Soul wall art. Plus they’re under $15 for both!
P.S. for Grey’s Anatomy fans, there’s also a Chasing Cars version!

How cute is this home sweet home doormat? Plus, it’s locally made (well… local to me).

Another locally made item – a beautiful sign: coffee, the most important meal of the day! Personally I’m more a tea granny but I’ve heard from my friends that coffee is pretty important.

Although I may not be a coffee person, I’m definitely a Lorelai Gilmore person. I love this hanging Gilmore Girls pendant sign.

Also, here’s a Gilmore Girls printable wall art set. This would be so cute for a gallery wall.

Similar to the Gilmore Girls wall art set, here’s a Friends wall art set!

I have an obsessed with this vase from Anthropologie! I love this vase, also from Anthropologie, as well.

These hand painted hanging baskets are the best thing since sliced bread, in my opinion. They’re so simple, yet so beautiful.

How warm and cozy does this blanket look? I really like it in grey!

Also love this blanket in grey ombre!

I am loving the geometric table lamps this year. This Urban Outfitters one is no exception!

Also love string lights, especially global ones.  

This rose gold marble clock is so beautiful!

How cute is this cheeky Kate Spade bowl? It’s perfect to put popcorn in for a relaxing Netflix evening.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

The Ultimate First Apartment Essentials Guide

A few weeks ago, it clicked to me that I’m going to be 25 in four months. How scary is that?! Those “oh dear god I’m almost 25” memes are finally starting to make more sense.

On a more positive note, a lot of my friends are growing up and moving out of their parents houses; or moving out of rented houses for an apartment alone. My best friend, Sam, is doing that very soon. She asked me to create a blog post for her showcasing some gorgeous home décor ideas, plus apartment things. Therefore, I thought that I would write a post about some first apartment must haves.

Quite often, we get so excited about all the wall art and blankets we can buy. However, there’s a lot more things like cleaning supplies and extension cords that we sometimes forget about. I fell in love with Jessica Slaughter’s ultimate college shopping list post so I thought I would do something similar. Tomorrow I’ll post 10 cute home décor items under $50!

Entrance Area

Door mat – Anthropologie | Etsy | Amazon
Bench – The Bay | Amazon

Living Room

Couch – Ikea
Coffee table – Wayfair | Amazon
Side tables – Amazon
Television – Amazon
TV stand – Amazon


Silverware set – Amazon
Silverware organizer – Amazon
Knife set – Amazon | The Bay
Dishes – Amazon | Wayfair
Pots & pans – Amazon | Wayfair
Instant pot – The Bay
Crock pot – Wayfair
Utensil set – Amazon
Utensil holder – Amazon | The Bay
Mixing bowls – Amazon | Wayfair | The Bay
Can opener – Amazon
Oven mitts – Anthropologie | Wayfair | Amazon
Toaster – Amazon
Microwave – Amazon
Coffee maker – Amazon
Kettle – Amazon
Food storage containers – Wayfair | Amazon
Aluminum foil – Amazon
Plastic wrap – Amazon
Food storage bags – Amazon
Trash can – Amazon | The Bay
Garbage bags – Amazon
Dish soap – Amazon
Wash cloths – Amazon
Dish towels – Amazon
Drying rack – The Bay | Amazon


Shower curtain – Anthropologie | Urban Outfitters | Amazon
Bath mat – Amazon
Extra toothbrushes – Amazon
Toothpaste – Amazon
Toilet paper – Amazon
Kleenex – Amazon
Toilet brush – Amazon
Toilet plunger – Amazon
Hand soap – Amazon
Towel set – Amazon


Bed frame – The Bay | Urban Outfitters | Amazon
Mattress & box spring – Amazon | Ikea
Pillows – Amazon | Wayfair
Comforter/duvet – Anthropologie | Urban Outfitters
Hangers – Amazon
Laundry basket – The Bay
Chair for desk – Urban Outfitters | Wayfair

Cleaning & more

General cleaning spray – Amazon
Window cleaning spray – Amazon
Bathroom cleaner – Amazon
Cleaning wipes – Amazon
Paper towel – Amazon
Laundry detergent – Amazon
Fabric softener – Amazon
Dryer sheets – Amazon
Large garbage bags – Amazon
Vacuum cleaner – Amazon
Broom & dust pan – Amazon
Swiffer – Amazon
Mini toolbox – Amazon
Flashlight set – Amazon
Batteries – Amazon
Emergency kit – Amazon
First aid kit – Amazon

Monday, 19 February 2018

links + loves

It’s official. I think winter 2017/2018 is going to be the death of me. With this ear infection turned swollen jaw and now stomach flu/an extremely upset stomach, I don’t know if I can take another illness.

This week has honestly been so terrible in the world. My heart is absolutely broken over the Florida shooting. I cannot imagine how the families of the teenagers who passed away must feel, nor can I imagine how difficult it must be to even get out of bed every day for the survivors. As a Canadian, I have a strong opinion on gun control laws but will not speak of them now. It is not the time or place.

On a lighter note, it’s Family Day in Ontario. A statutory holiday to spend time with your loved ones. I’m so excited for dinner with my mom tonight (if I can stomach it).

I was rummaging through websites this weekend out of pure boredom. I had started and almost finished a blog post yesterday but decided against posting it last minute. However, I did find these Spanx seamless leggings and they seem like the best thing since sliced bread!

I mentioned last week that I’ve been having difficulties with my cell phone. About a year ago, I went from team iPhone to Galaxy. I hate my Galaxy and am so looking forward to going back to an iPhone. I want this case so badly for my next iPhone – it’s so cute!

I am absolutely in love with this weekender bag from Anthropologie!

Spoiler alert: at some point this week, I’m going to do an “awesome home décor under $50” post. However, for today I thought I would share this stay awhile hook! The gold is beautiful.

Love this microfiber sheet set from Amazon plus it’s $26 for a queen size set!

How handy are these Rubbermaid take along containers? They’re super affordable, too.

These figgy banana blondies sound amazing!

I have to patiently wait for my mouth to heal, but I’m dying to try these Kind granola bars in maple pumpkin seeds and peanut butter dark chocolate!

This all-natural homemade Vick’s vapour rub sounds amazing! ICYMI, Vick’s is full of chemicals. When you’re sick, it’s so much better to stick to something natural. 

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Five Blog Posts I'm Loving This Week

Happy Thursday, y’all! The weekend is almost here, thank goodness. It’s my day off today but I’m headed to my cardiologist in a bit then out for dinner with my best friend. We’re going for Pho and I’m so excited because it’s something that I can eat.

I went to my doctor on Monday and it turns out that I have TMJ from a prolonged misdiagnosis of an ear infection. I’m on soft foods and a night guard when I sleep for the next 12 weeks. I was disappointed at first, but I have a newfound love for eggs with hot sauce, lemon pudding and cheesy garlic mashed potatoes.

This week, there’s been some DIYs that I’m loving plus some recipes! I’m so excited to share the amazing posts that I’ve found recently.

Faux Leather Drawstring Tote Tutorial // Delia Creates Things 

Woven Jute Mat Tutorial // A Beautiful Mess

Turmeric Mouthwash Drops // Hello Glow

Peanut Butter Black Bean Brownies // Pumpkin and Peanut Butter 

Low Carb BBQ Sauce // The Little Pine 

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

My Current Beauty Wish List

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight

I have gotten into such a daily routine of makeup for work, and I need to change that so badly. I miss the days when it wasn’t out of the ordinary for me to throw on a cute lipstick or do a super neutral smoky eye for work. However, lately I’ve been filling in my eyebrows, throwing on some mascara, concealer and mascara. Maybe a touch of highlighter if I’m super early or if I look extremely tired. I need to get back into the routine of actually putting an effort into my makeup.

Recently, I have fallen in love with Tarte eyeshadow palettes; hence the two eyeshadow palettes on the list! I used to be a huge fan of the Naked palettes but unfortunately they haven’t been living up to my expectations more recently. I find myself going for Too Faced and Tarte palettes more and more.

Is there anything on your current wish list? Let me know in the comments!

Monday, 12 February 2018

links + loves

My phone is going to be the death of me, to be honest. After a long Sunday at work then a two- hour drive home from a detour, my phone decided it had “water damage”. However, there was no water damage. It took me two hours to even get it to recharge. I was so crabby about, but it seems to be on the mend. This is just another friendly reminder that I need to go back to iPhone; I hate my Galaxy sooooo much.

Also – does anyone have any tips of behaviours with cats? Oliver and Moose have been out of control recently. I’ve tried separating them, the good ol’ spray bottle and more. I feel like I’m running out of ideas. 

I thought that I would share my favourite website for stock photos – Unsplash! The photographers are so talented; it’s where I get 99% of my stock photos from.

These easy DIY bath bombs are great for a relaxing evening with a glass (or bottle) of wine!

This Ikea Hack DIY blanket ladder is so cute and great for chilly winter evenings.

This winter sangria sounds delicious!

Make your own coconut milk coffee creamer! Gluten free, dairy free & vegan, plus so much healthier than the store bought stuff.

I haven’t shopped at Forever21 in ages. It used to be my go-to, but lately I find myself sprinting out of there faster than I walk in. However, I do love this pajama set; especially in blue.

I love these mint green Adidas running shoes for spring!

P.S. I wrote this article listening to one of my all-time favourite songs, Skinny Love, on repeat. It’s so relevant these days, especially with Valentine’s Day coming up. 

Saturday, 10 February 2018

Winter Survival Guide

I fell in love with Stripes & Sangria’s winter survival guide when I was reading through posts recently. I thought that I would do my own.  

Winter can be such a hard time for people. I have mentioned in previous posts that I’ve really struggled with my personal mental health this winter. January and February can be especially hard, after spending the entire Christmas season surrounded by friends and family. As a Canadian, I find myself snowed in from time to time; and it sucks having to spend ten minutes bundling up then cleaning off your car just to run to grab a carton of milk.

Invest in some good quality winter essentials

Everyone’s winter essentials can be so different. Some people’s essentials include a good pair of mittens, a high quality lotion, a car brush and more.
Here are some of my personal essentials:
A good quality snow brush – until last year, I would constantly try to wing it and use a sleeve, warm up my car for weird amounts of time… anything to avoid cleaning off my windshield. Thank goodness I’ve finally grown out of that.
A winter emergency car kit – as a commuter, this is important to me. I am always worried about getting into a ditch or an accident without essentials. Since I was eighteen, I’ve always kept an emergency kit in my car. It contains a tow rope, mittens, hand warms, a flashlight, emergency blanket and more. Definitely worth the $35 if you’re even stuck on the side of the road!
A good hand lotion – if you’re like me, you get super painful dry hands in the winter! I always keep a good hand lotion in my purse and probably overuse it. However, it’s definitely worth it to have over hydrated hands than dry, painful hands.
A good body lotion – call me crazy, call me insane even but I’m a firm believer in having separate hand, lotion and face moisturizers. I firmly believe that they cannot provide the same benefits for the skin; your hands and face are so much more sensitive than other parts of your body.
A good face cream – I really don’t think I need to elaborate, read comments above re: face lotions & creams.
A good pair of winter boots – after breaking my elbow and ending up with a concussion and whiplash from a fall last winter, I am the poster child of why you need good winter boots. Never fear though! You don’t have to blow your budget on a pair of Sorels! I have linked a pair of affordable, but good quality boots to get you from point A to B.

Rely on your support system

As I’ve previously mentioned, I’ve struggled with my mental health this winter. I don’t think I could have gotten through my struggles without my mom and friends. Having a rough day? Pick up the phone and call or text a friend. Talk about your struggles. Don’t let them dwell. There’s a reason why we call them the winter blues.

Find a hobby beyond Netflix

It’s hard. Sometimes you just want to sit and watch shows on repeat on Netflix. However, there’s so many winter activities that there has to be something you like. Whether it be hiking, snowshoeing, skiing or baking winter recipes; there’s something out there for everyone.

Invest in a good book

Similar to the hobby post, there’s so many more things you can do than watch TV. Read a book. There’s so many different novels out there. You can find my favourite books of 2017 post here.

Educate yourself and read articles

There’s a million things that you could sit around and read. My personal favourite is conspiracy theories. However, what I truly meant was to understand the basics for winter survival. Personally, I really enjoy this article & this article by New York Times.

Go on a trip to beat your winter blues

Only do this if you can truly afford it! Don’t put yourself into a rut with finances over a vacation. This can go two ways; somewhere warm or somewhere to enjoy winter festivities! You can get cheap vacations from selloffvacations.com and rent beautiful cottages from Air BnB.

Don’t stress about the weather

I know it can be hard. I’ve previously mentioned in several blog posts, I firmly believe that we live in a fear based society. With saying that, we often fret over the weather 2 weeks away. Unless you have something critical occurring within those days (like your wedding), don’t stress about weather forecasts more than 72 hours away. Weather changes so easily; half the time we don’t even get half the snow they predict 4 days prior.

Focus on your self-care

It’s snowy and cold and lonely this time of year. Find things that make you happy. Have a glass of wine and a nice warm bubble bath. Binge watch your favourite episode with a bag of chips. Call someone you haven’t talked to in a while. Focus on yourself and don’t let the winter blues get the best of you.

Think of the future warm weather

Start planning mini vacations with your friends and family for the upcoming warmer weather. Think about going on a wine tour with your friends in June, or going to the waterpark with a child important in your life for July. There’s so many fun things we can do in the summer and it gives us something to look forward to.

Friday, 9 February 2018

Spring Shirts I'm Loving

one // two // three // four // five // six

It’s snowing here today, relatively hard. I went to get groceries earlier this afternoon and I lost traction a few times. For anyone who doesn’t know, I have a Subaru; so it always surprises me when I actually have my traction light come on.

Even with the snow, I’m having serious daydreams about the new spring releases. They’re all so cute. A little pricey but definitely worth it. One shirt I was about to include but realized I had the six I was looking for was this plum eyelet top. How cute is it? I would wear this with dark wash skinny jeans or black ankle pants all spring.

In other news, I really need to stop looking at spring clothes. I reorganized my closet a few days ago and I realized that I own a heck of a lot of clothing. I definitely need to purge but I’m horrible at actually doing it. If anyone has any advice on purging, let me know!

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Five Blog Posts I'm Loving This Week

I’m constantly trying to think of different things that I can write about and start a weekly series, like I do for my Monday links + loves. I thought that on Thursdays, I would start sharing 5 blog posts that I’m loving. They won’t always be written this week, but I just think it’s a fun way to switch things up a bit. I’ve been having bad writer’s block lately, so hopefully this series will help.

 DIY Wood Dog Bowl // I Spy DIY

Blood Orange Beergaritas // Spices in my DNA

Winter Sangria // Julie's Eats & Treats

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Clothes I’m Loving – Gap

I had done a clothes I’m loving – Old Navy post over the weekend and said that I would do a Gap one, too. I was going to post this yesterday but I just had to share the information about heart health and the recent study. I have so many things that I love from Gap, and there’s always a decent deal on their website with a code.

I feel like growing up everyone and their cousin had a Gap logo product. Gap brought them back, with their Gap remix line. I’m really loving this graphic logo t-shirt.

I almost always mention a softspun top whenever I do a Gap post. I love the twist-back on this tank.

Yet again … another softspun tee. But how cute is this striped flutter sleeve tee?

This basic popover is so cute. It would be so cute with jeans, dress pants or leggings!

I would wear this long sleeve shift dress all the time in the spring.

High waisted skinny jeans? Yes please. I love high waisted jeans and skinny jeans, so these are the perfect combo in one jean.

Gap’sGirlfriend jeans are my favourite. They fit so much better than boyfriend jeans and they’re so comfortable.

I love this oversized striped scarf for the spring.

This grey faux suede baseball hat is super cute!

Last but not least, this logo printed umbrella is so perfect for spring. 

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Ladies, We Need to Talk About Our Heart Health

I recently read an article titled Women are Unnecessarily Suffering and Dying from Heart Disease, Report Says.

It’s so true. Women are dying annually because of doctors frankly not giving a shit about us and our hearts. Since our symptoms aren’t as noticeable as men’s, we’re getting misdiagnosed with anxiety and pulled chest muscles.

We live in a fear based society. If you have a severe headache with a migraine, you’re getting a CT scan to rule out a brain tumor. If you have a marking, most likely from a mole, in the results of a mammogram, you’re getting an ultrasound to rule out breast cancer. Yet, women are being given an EKG and when it comes back normal, they’re being sent home.

The Heart and Stroke Foundation’s report includes that women are five times more likely to have a heart attack than breast cancer. With that being said, why are women being rushed so quickly away from the hospital and not being further investigated? Frankly, it seems like doctors just aren’t caring enough.

I thought I would share a personal example. After four open heart surgeries and eight catheterizations, I worry every time I get bad chest pains mixed with shortness of breath. My cardiologist has always told me to go to the ER to rule anything out. When I go, about 70% of the time, they rush me in for an EKG to
“rule anything out”. Then I’m sitting in the waiting room for hours for a doctor to tell me that they couldn’t find anything wrong.
1.       In my life, I have never had an EKG diagnose something with my heart. It’s always been an echocardiogram.
2.       If I’ve been sitting in the waiting room for at least four hours, the chest pains have probably gone away at this point.

We women need to rally together. We need to raise our voices. We need to become more educated on the symptoms and the tests that can help us. We need to understand the terms “echocardiogram” and “stress test” to help the doctors find more than EKG can.

We need to stop sitting on the sidelines. We need to scream that we want help. We want doctors to be educated. We want more than one third of heart attack research funding. We want to know our risk factors so we can stop it. We need to be taught what our heart attack symptoms are before it’s too late.

We deserve better. We deserve to be treated for our chest pains, shortness of breath and muscle aches properly. We need to work with our doctors to get rid of the stigmas behind women’s heart attacks and being treated unequally vs. men with heart attack. We need to work as a team of strong women to stop women from dying due to heart attacks far too often.

More links on this topic: Women & Heart Disease (Heart & Stroke Foundation) // Women’s unique symptoms (Heart & Stroke Foundation) // How to Donate to Heart & Stroke Foundation

Monday, 5 February 2018

Links + Loves

I am so excited to share about a million and a half links today – I’m kidding, sort of.

I’m lying on the couch with Oliver and Moose; who have both been over cuddly since I got sick.

The cats and I (mainly me, though) have been listening to Vance Joy’s new single, Saturday Sun, on repeat. It’s so great! I cannot wait for Nation of Two, Vance’s new CD, to come out later this month.

I’ve been reading The Woman in the Window, it’s so good!

This DIY blush & cream bouquet is the cutest thing ever! I would gift them for Valentine’s Day and Easter.

This homemade herb & spice play dough is awesome! I want to try it in the dementia unit at work for the sensory benefits in it.

Is it just me or am I getting serious cheese cravings from this Pinterest board?

I follow Morgan from peplum and pitches on Tumblr. I just recently discovered her blog and I’m obsessed with it!

As per usual, Roots has released some products with the Heart & Stroke Foundation logo. I love the mittens, keychain and zip pouch!

I think I’ve shared it before, but I love this Timex watch and it’s on sale right now!

I saw this drapey hoodie a few weeks ago at Old Navy and loved it. Doesn’t it look super comfortable?

I am a firm believer that a good workout pant must be thick enough you can’t see anything and high waisted so you don’t have to constantly pull up your pants. Gap’s gfast blackout leggings are my favourite.

I have the worst chapped lips in the winter – they bleed and sting and look gross. I love the Sephora lip balm & scrub for them! Plus, it’s only $8!

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Clothes I’m Loving – Old Navy

I still am stuck on my couch. I think my ear infection is getting worse; I told my doctor’s receptionist that I would wait until I see my doctor tomorrow, though. I finished Friends and The Mindy Project last week, so I’m stuck trying to decide a good show to watch – I’m currently watching Gilmore Girls for the 25th time.

I’ve been having a mind block lately trying to come up with topics. Sometimes, it just comes naturally; other times, I struggle. I remember the days when I used to just share what I wanted from Old Navy and Gap all the time, but I’m trying to branch out a bit more.

Today I decided that I would go back to the good ol’ days and do a what I want from Old Navy post and a Gap one Tuesday! Suggest some stores and maybe I’ll make it a week long thing!

This cold-shoulder top is so gorgeous! It’s so perfect for spring.

I love a good soft t-shirt, and this soft-spun one looks fantastic.

This lightweight striped blouse is great for spring and summer. I would wear it all the time to work.

This longer cardigan in navy stripe is my absolute favourite.

This dress looks so comfortable and would be perfect under a jean jacket for the spring.

Old Navy’s high-rise compression leggings are always a favourite for the gym and for running errands. I own a few pairs as it is now, I want more though. You can never have too many pairs of a great legging.

I love these leggings – classic grey with a twist!

This twill jacket in coin toss and hunter is my new must have! It’s so perfect for spring. Plus, it’s under $25!

How cute are these d’orsay flats for spring?

I’m a sucker for a pair of classic black flats.

Since it’s still February and not time for bright colours yet, I thought I would share this merlot coloured suede bag. However, come spring it could easily be mixed with a light pink or floral print!

Friday, 2 February 2018

(More) Great Articles for Twenty Somethings

Sometimes, I feel as though reading articles helps you feel as though you’re not alone. I wrote an article in December, Great Articles for Twenty Somethings. Today I thought that I would do the same; with the quote highlights again, too.

“There was a time when my vision of a perfect future involved you as my co-star. We had a connection I’d never felt before and when I was with you, I was the best version of myself. We laughed and loved so much, and that beautiful and rare connection could have been a fixture of every day of the rest of our lives – at least that’s what I thought. What we had seemed so solid until all of a sudden, it wasn’t.”

“No, you are not for everyone. You are never going to be able to stop yourself from screaming your love from rooftops, you will never be able to play it cool. You are the kind of person who will worry about the strangers you see in grocery stores, the kind of person who will stay up at night wondering about your fifth grade crush, hoping that the sun is setting beautifully wherever they rest their head.”

“The truth is I’ve reached a point where I stopped letting people make me feel like I’m not good enough. I stopped defining myself by how they see me. I stopped letting another flawed human being with the same insecurities make me feel like I have a lot of work to do so I can measure up.”

“And one bad day doesn’t mean a bad life. A bad month doesn’t mean a bad life. So take it day by day or even hour by hour and be gentle with yourself. Know that you are doing the best you can and that this is enough. You made it through the day. Tomorrow is another day, so right now, close your eyes and allow yourself to be sad. If tears trickle out of the corners of your eye, let them. It’s okay to be sad. Soon things will be better. So in the meantime be proud of yourself.”

“My hope for you is that you will not allow these feelings to rule over your life any longer. There will be people in your life who will leave you guessing and say they have the best intentions but do not. However, at the same time, there are people who want nothing more than to make you happy and to love you unconditionally.”

“I am passionate, emotional, stubborn, and driven. I care about the work I do, the words I write, the choices I make, the friendships I have, and the men I choose to love. And in the wake of all of these things, no matter the outcome, I still care. I carry the memories in my back pocket. I use them to become even stronger, to discover myself again, to be an even better person.”

“I need you to know that you will find the places that leave every tender part of you feeling calm and at peace with who you are. You will find the places that inspire everything inside of you to surge and ache with the hope and the beauty of being alive. These places, they are not where you were born, but they will be where you are reborn. You will know when you have found them. My god, will you know.”

“You were always afraid. Fearful of crossing the line. Afraid to say what’s on your mind. Worried too much about what people thought of you. Trying to be what everyone else expected you to be and forgetting who you really are. You were always taking ten steps back so people can be ten steps ahead. You got used to being invisible. You thought that was the norm. You didn’t think you deserved the kind of love and attention you gave everyone else.”

Thursday, 1 February 2018

February 2018 Wish List

Honestly, I love writing wish lists. As someone who loves shopping, it helps me decide what I really want; plus, it helps me deter from shopping. My January list is here.

As I get older, I’m all about comfort. I love this wide sleeve cardigan from Aerie! It’s great for leggings and a t-shirt for lounging, or it could be dressed up with a chiffon tank and dress pants for work.

I’m obsessed with this white bell sleeve pullover.

This striped pullover is totally up my alley. It would be so cute with a pair of jeans and sunglasses.

I have had my eyes on a J. Crew cashmere sweater for years. I really like the camel and smoke; but the peony is also super cute for spring.

My absolute favourite graphic t-shirts are the original coopers from Roots.

I mentioned these the other day in another post, but I’m obsessed with these chambray striped pixie pants from Old Navy.

I love these super skinny Levi’s, plus they’re high-waisted!

The Insider jeans from Reitmans are my favourite; I’m obsessed with these light wash jeans.

I’m in love with this vegan leather jacket from Free People.

These Sorel duck boots are great for running errands – lots of coverage without being too high.

I’ve mentioned how much I love Madewell transporter bags. How gorgeous is this small drawstring crossbody bag? English Saddle is my favourite. 

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