Monday, 30 July 2018

links + loves

Happy Monday! I’m making up for last week’s links + loves with tons of links today!

How delicious do these no-bun bruschetta burgers sound?

I thought I would share some items that I’m loving still from the Nordstrom sale before it ends (I apologize, it’s a lot)
·         Madewell Knit Bralette
·         Zella Wrap Sweater (I love the grey)
·         Barefoot Dreams Cozychic Coastal Hooded Cardigan (I love both colours)
·         Gibson Convertible Cozy Fleece Wrap Cardigan (I love the grey and pink)
·         UGG Delanie Robe
·         Halogen Cashmere Scarf (I love this scarf in black, grey, rosecloud & tan)
·         Vince Camuto Pevista Bootie (I’m a sucker for the grey pair)
·         Naturalizer Baron Bootie (my favourite is the cognac colour)
·         NARS Undressed Liquid Lip Set

I’m going to share home items I’m loving from the sale on Wednesday!

I am obsessed with this bedroom. I don’t like the chandelier, but everything else is so gorgeous!


  1. Hormones do affect everything---it's so true. As a biology person, it always amazes me that our bodies are so intertwined---you change one thing and everything goes haywire!!
    As for that bedroom---I love the chandelier for some reason. Not that we ever have one in our bedroom, because we always have a fan there!!

  2. Such a cute bedroom and I also love those Vince Camuto booties. Great picks Felicity!

  3. I cannot wait until This Is Us comes back on! It's such a good show!

  4. Nordstrom's anniversary sale will be the death of me. Too many good deals going in at the moment! haha


  5. That bedroom is beautiful. I agree, the chandelier seems a bit out of place. Hope you're having a great day!!

  6. That wedding song list was so interesting! I agreed with banning some (NO YMCA for me!) but I sure love the Wobble! haha

  7. Really nice!